Translation of the flyer onHiroshima Struggle

(Front side)

●August 5 Hiroshima Anti-War & Anti-Nuke International Rally

14:00  to 17:00 at the East Ward Cultural Center

Address: 10-31 Higashi-Kaniya Cho, Higashi Ku, Hiroshima City


●August 6 Hiroshima Appeal Rally

07:15~ in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial

08:15~ silent prayer and demonstration against the warmonger PM Abe attending at the memorial ceremony


●August 6 Hiroshima Mass Rally

12:30~ at the Hiroshima Prefectural Gym Small Arena (refer to the attached Map-B) and 15:00~ Hiroshima Grand March to Stop Constitutional Change and Nuclear War

(Buck side)

A Call for all to attend the Anti-War and Anti-Nuclear Assembly and Demonstration on the 73rd anniversary of the Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima


- August 5th International anti-war anti-nuclear assembly  

- August 6th Central demonstration against War and Nuclear Weapons and Energy

To the citizens of Japan and the world :

On the 6th of August we are gathering and demonstrating under the slogans “Never again Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, or Fukushima",  “End the Threats of Nuclear War and Contamination” and “Stop the attempts to change article 9 of the Japanese Constitution”.  Please join us in the streets on August 6th and attend our assembly on August 5th! 

■ International solidarity does have the power to stop war!


The June 12th summit between the USA and North Korea failed to make progress toward the peace and unification so desired by Koreans of both the North and the South. Instead we still note the willingness of the Trump regime to use nuclear weapons (see the Nuclear Posture Review of February 2018) and see the regime of Kim Jong-un   brandishing nuclear weapons, which were developed by sacrificing the well-being of the North Korean people. The sham negotiations between the USA and North Korea only  served to bolster the respective regimes and their policies, which increase the likelihood of nuclear war. The international solidarity of working people has the power to stop that war. 


The South Korean unions that brought down the administration of Park Geun-hye, declared that "the workers of both Koreas are the real agents of peace and unification". They demand the abandonment anti-ballistic-missile systems, the closure of US military bases, and the withdrawal of the US from South Korea. To support their demands they propose holding a large gathering of workers from North and South Korea. Let us act in solidarity with them and pose our own demands against an amendment to the Japanese Constitution that would allow war and nuclear armament.  


■ The people of Hiroshima oppose the amendment to the Japanese constitution proposed by Abe administration


Now the entire world has entered a turbulent age as capitalism has reached a historical dead end.  Trump’s "America first” policy opened  the instability of the world  where the great powers collide even brandishing nuclear weapons. 

Confrontations in Korea, East Asia and the Middle East have become the potential starting points for new world war / nuclear war. Against this background, the Abe administration is trying to rescind Article 9 of the Japanese constitution to enable the country to wage war, even a nuclear war.  His administration pushes for the great expansion of armaments and reinforcement of bases in Okinawa or other prefectures  , covers up the extent of damage of the Fukushima disaster, restarts nuclear power plants, and looks toward developing its own nuclear weapons. If this comes to pass we will have another Hiroshima/Nagasaki again. Those of us who have so often pledged “Never Again” and “No more Hiroshimas/ Nagasakis ” are categorically opposed to the amendment of the constitution and to the ambition  enable Japan to start a war. Now is the time to remember this pledge and to act.


■ Labor unions lead the struggle against neoliberalism and war


The international solidarity of workers and labor unions that oppose neoliberalism is the keystone of the struggle to stop war. Neoliberalism has brought about the global contemporary reality that makes it increasingly difficult for workers, especially young people, to survive, because of pay cuts, unemployment or unstable employment, poverty, and the breakdown of social supports.  Contemporary wars are all directly linked to this crisis of neoliberalism and capitalism. But without the mobilization and cooperation of workers, it is impossible to wage any war. This is why war can be stopped if world workers unite in a common struggle. Japanese workers, whose country experienced the menance of atom bombs, atomic testing, and reactor accidents, need to set an example in their fight against neo-liberalism, constitutional revision, nuclear armament and war, and against the exposure to radioactivity through reviving the labor union movements . On August 5th and 6th we will gather in Hiroshima to prevent further war and demand the total abolition of nuclear weapons . We invite you all to come join us and participate in our assembly and demonstration. And help us to strengthen the vehicle of change, labor unions.